Provisions for access and movement in the areas of terminal CO.NA.TE.CO. S.p.A.

External personnel transiting areas of Terminal is subject to compliance with the following corporate rules:

  1. Hereby declare that i am aware og the current regulations relating to safety in the workplace (Legislative Decree 81/08).
  2. It’s prohibited to pass and/or stand under suspended loads and under the crane and/or forklift in motion;
  3. It’s prohibited to stand along the aisles of the scroll type gantry cranes and RTGs near them as indicated by markings as 45°;
  4. It’s forbidden the access to the bike/scooter.
  5. It’s forbidden to park in the vicinity of the container blocks;
  6. It’s forbidden to cross the blocks stored in the container yard;
  7. It’s forbidden to bypass the speed bumps (speed bumps) during circulation in areas of the Terminal.
  8. Has banned the use of cell phones while in transit in the operational areas;
  9. It’s prohibited circulation along the quays, jetties, and fell in the range of mechanical equipment;
  10. It’s forbidden the use of auditable warnings devices, except in case of danger;
  11. The speed limit is 20Km/h
  12. Any breath of the rules is a the risk and paril of the driver. Therefore, not to be required to CO.NA.TE.CO. S.p.A. any compensation for any damage;
  13. Failure to comply  with these standards we will be forced, against our will, to submit reports to th Competent Authorities, as well as to prohibit immediate access.



In the terminal in mandatory compliance with the following priority order of precedence:

  1. Vehicles on rails ( crane and train );
  2. Elevators road vehicles (cranes, RTG, trays);
  3. Trucks:
  4. Shuttle service, Shuttle;
  5. Authorized Cars CO.NA.TE.CO;
  6. Hire third-party accredited;