CO.NA.TE.CO., Consorzio Napoletano Terminal Containers, was founded in 1995. It is controlled by Marinvest srl.

Today it is the largest terminal operator in the Port of Naples and the fourth in Italy.

The favorable geographical position in the heart of Mediterranean Sea, places the  Port of Naples and, in particular, CO.NA.TE.CO. terminal, in the middle of  international trade routes, so to represent one of the main links between  North and South Europe.

The whole operational  cycle for containers ‘handling and for berths’ control is under one Management,

whose commercial ability  to acquire new traffics, turns out to be a guarantee for the success of the company.  Afterwards,Terminal activities have been sided by the management of intermodal transportation and by a combined strategy of transport from  and to the hinterland. As a consequence, the positive  development of intermodal transportation gave to Naples Port and to CO.NA.TE.CO. terminal the chance to attract transhipment cargo, which is constantly increasing. Some  shipping lines, in fact,  started to use CO.NA.TE.CO. as a hub terminal, thanks to its ideal geographical position, particularly favorable for transhipping operations and for its high participation into the attraction of local trade.